Monday, May 10, 2010

Walking Street's Insomnia Club raided.

Police blocked entrances to Club Insomnia late on Saturday night ( around 2am early Sunday morning ) and checked both Falang and Thai customers for weapons and drugs. Those who Pattaya Police deemed suspicous looking were given urine tests in the club's bathrooms whilst watched by eithermale or female Police officers. There were at least 40 positive test reports but we're not sure how many were those of Falangs and how many were Pattaya girls. 12 of those tests it's claimed were for methamphetmine / yaba or ICE. No weapons or actual drugs were found at the scene.


  1. Pattaya sounds like a fun place and I hear steroids are readily available there too :-)

  2. Looks good to me... where are girls I am missing them pattaya girls are you from Bangkok?
    Nice blog.


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