Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Baby Kenny blog removed by owner :-(

I must admit I liked the Big Baby Kenny blog because it covered areas of the Thai nightlife scene that I didn't know much about such as Bangkok and the G-Club coyote girl scene ( all I really know about is the Pattaya bar and Pattaya girl scene ). Sadly the owner Kenny got into a little war with another blog and bar operation based in Bangkok that I had never even heard of until finding his site. It ended up with Kenny's enemies contacting his employer and possibly the US press about  Kenny's blog. Kenny was a University economics lecturer in California and being very politically correct they and the press were obviously not keen on his P4P blog. Kenny took the blog down when his picture and other details from the blog were in several US newspapers. Turns out Kenny was Asian which explained his success in many of the Bangkok venues where most foreigners don't fair well action wise.

The one thing I found funny about the Big Baby Kenny blog was his photos, most of which were very blurry and taken in low light without use of the flash, while at the same time he would describe them as "wedding photo quality" ( whateer that was supposed to mean ). He did post the odd good shot I presume taken at his condo with a set of strobes but his work in the field really wasn't that good despite having a very good set of equipment to use.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Police in Bali cracking down on play for pay scene.

Bali has a pretty good P4P scene. Where it differs from Thailand and Pattaya's scene  is it's large amount of straight female visitors looking for young male company. So I was rather amused to read that the Indonesian governement ordered local police to arrest all the beach gigolos with over thirty muscular beach boys being captured in the initial sweep.

The gigolo scene in Bali has attracted a lot of media attention that would otherwise be focussed on us male sex tourists so imho it's a good thing :-) Anyway there is rather amusing video on the Bali scene called "Cowboys in Paradise" that you can see a decent clip from on YouTube.

youtube. com/watch?v=UsrXusiY81o&feature=player_embedded#!

( You'll need to remove the space from before the .com )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A week in Pattaya always goes soo quickly.

Wow, it's been exactly a week since I regsitered the Pattaya Girls Blog. The time has flown by and I must apologize to all of you reading this for not having posted sooner. The big news story this month in Pattaya has been the arrest of a well known adult web site owner / video producer. Not only was the poor guy caught with videos of himself and some Pattaya girls but he also had in his possession some naughty herbs, white powders and even a handgun. I expect it will cost him a pretty penny to settle the matter and may even result in him being black listed from Thailand :-(

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Pattaya Girls Blog opens for monkey business :-)

Welcome ( Inn ) to the "Pattaya Girls Blog".

Sadly all the good names on Blogger were already taken so we've ended up using "GirlsPattaya". The best name would of course have been "Pattaya" the blog occupying that one hasn't been updated since 2002. Our second choise would of course hae been "PattayaGirls" that was of again taken already by an abandoned blog with no posts called "Asian Angels".The third choice was "PattayaBarGirls" when you try this one the screen just comes up blank so I'm guessing it was deleted by the powers that be at Blogger. Rather than be original we chose to use "GirlsPattaya" and hope it won't be too unfriendly search wise.

My plan for the Pattaya girls blog is to write about a variety of subjects related to Pattaya bar girls and the Pattaya nightlife scene.

I intend to have a small selection of original Pattaya pictures, including Pattaya bar pictures and pictures of the girls themselves. As you have probably noticed many sites about Pattaya use the same old pictures of girls again and again. I'm not sure if that's because many of those sites are secretly owned by the same guy or if the sites are just stealing from eachother or perhaps are using the same Pattaya based web designer

Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading our opening blurb. Hope to see you again soon we plan on updating the blog around twice a week ( sadly daily updates would be a little too much with my current work load ).