Monday, May 10, 2010

Walking Street's Insomnia Club raided.

Police blocked entrances to Club Insomnia late on Saturday night ( around 2am early Sunday morning ) and checked both Falang and Thai customers for weapons and drugs. Those who Pattaya Police deemed suspicous looking were given urine tests in the club's bathrooms whilst watched by eithermale or female Police officers. There were at least 40 positive test reports but we're not sure how many were those of Falangs and how many were Pattaya girls. 12 of those tests it's claimed were for methamphetmine / yaba or ICE. No weapons or actual drugs were found at the scene.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eastern european pornographer busted in Pattaya.

Yet another unlucky porn producer has been arrested in Pattaya. This time the poor guy is either Bulgarian or Russian, the news and police don't seem to be sure. The story is that his Pattaya bar girl noticed a suspicous looking bag during their horizontal activities and after a short time went to examine it discovering a hidden video camera. The falang then gave her 300 baht and forced her to leave his room, the two began arguing in the hotel corridor and eventually the police turned up. On listening to the girls claims the police searched the guys room finding the camera, an 8gb memory card and several porn dvds hidden in the room's false ceiling. The video camera had been modified so that the red light was not visible while recording and the bag had a very tiny whole cut into it's side to allow covert filming. The poor guy is still in jail and his father is supposed to be flying into thailand to assist him.

Having looked at his covert camera set up I'm very surprised the Pattaya bar girl managed to spot it. Pretty obvious this was a non professional for personal use thing, the camera he used would have produced a very poor picture quality using hotel room lighting.

Another worrying feature of the case is the Police's appeal on tv for other 'victims' of the guy to come forward. Looks like they have learnt this trick from the CreamPieThais case of a few weeks back. Home made movie fans beware now is not a good time to be making porn in Pattaya.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pattaya pornographer's attorney leaking case details to the press ?

It appears the legal firm he has hired to defend him ( PAPPA Co Ltd ) are also the owners of the Pattaya-Times website which has run a story about his arrest. Not only have they mentioned the amount of bail he paid ( 200,000 baht ) but they have also admitted that a further five girls have come forward to press charges against him since the story ran on local television. If I was in his shoes the last thing I would want is my own lawyer publicising details of the case. Seems to me like something weird is going on. They also mention that a second man from some of the movies is being hunted, having watched many of this guys movies I don't recall ever seeing anyone but him ( we nicknamed him the mushroom due to his rather distinctive knob ). Perhaps this imaginery second guy will be made the scapegoat for all the evidence against him.