Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Pattaya Girls Blog opens for monkey business :-)

Welcome ( Inn ) to the "Pattaya Girls Blog".

Sadly all the good names on Blogger were already taken so we've ended up using "GirlsPattaya". The best name would of course have been "Pattaya" the blog occupying that one hasn't been updated since 2002. Our second choise would of course hae been "PattayaGirls" that was of again taken already by an abandoned blog with no posts called "Asian Angels".The third choice was "PattayaBarGirls" when you try this one the screen just comes up blank so I'm guessing it was deleted by the powers that be at Blogger. Rather than be original we chose to use "GirlsPattaya" and hope it won't be too unfriendly search wise.

My plan for the Pattaya girls blog is to write about a variety of subjects related to Pattaya bar girls and the Pattaya nightlife scene.

I intend to have a small selection of original Pattaya pictures, including Pattaya bar pictures and pictures of the girls themselves. As you have probably noticed many sites about Pattaya use the same old pictures of girls again and again. I'm not sure if that's because many of those sites are secretly owned by the same guy or if the sites are just stealing from eachother or perhaps are using the same Pattaya based web designer

Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading our opening blurb. Hope to see you again soon we plan on updating the blog around twice a week ( sadly daily updates would be a little too much with my current work load ).


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